Thursday, March 24, 2011

Visibility Strengthens Bonds and Fosters Relationships

I recently asked a very successful school district superintendent if it is possible for administrators to be too visible. Walking the hallways every day and being highly accessible is key, he said, to showing everyone you care about them, their successes and their challenges.
Try to “make the rounds” in schools each day. The 30-60 minute investment could save hours of aggravation thanks to the visible and invisible relationships developed. I’ve learned more about the little (but oftentimes very important) things going on in the district than I have from email, phone calls, or hearsay.
Starting the day at a school before going to the office first is a great way to commit to seeing teachers and students in that particular building. Likewise, stopping office work one hour prior to the end of the school day and “closing shop” locks you in to getting out.

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