Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Leader's "Trifecta" for Longevity

There's no shortage of articles about New England Patriot's Quarterback Tom Brady heading into the 2015 Super Bowl. The New York Times Magazine's spread on his relationship with trainer Alex Guerrero (click for the full article) shed interesting light on the underlying reason for Brady's success and, what I think should most be emphasized, longevity.

Brady's "trifecta" for durability? First, be physically fit. Second, be emotionally stable. Third, be spiritually sound. Could this be the bedrock of resilience for leaders? I felt compelled to "audit" my own place among these three qualities, an especially important exercise since I work in a high-pressured, stress-inducing job (school superintendent). Turns out I am striving to be these things that Brady preaches are the reason he's able to continue to be so successful at age 37.

I tend to believe what Brady is preaching. Long suffering from Crohn's Disease, I have not had a bout of the illness for as many years as I have taken the helm of my school district. I took up endurance racing (physical fitness), resolved I would not let my mistakes and failures keep me down (emotional stability), and drew more love from my family, after developing a greater appreciation for two daughters and wife.

I'm not professing allegiance to a particular NFL franchise here, but I have no problem learning from a successful leader in his field who has found a way to hang in there over time.

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