Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Good...and the Bad

The third leg of teacher feedback professional development- examining the traits of the good…and the bad. After recognizing the importance of providing teachers with effective feedback (consider that the post-observation conference is one of the only opportunities supervisors have to meet one to one with teachers to talk about instructional practice), one should explore Glickman’s developmental approach to supervision. Consider the need to adjust the approach to providing teachers with observation feedback according to the developmental levels at which they operate. Reflect on the good teachers you’ve had in your educational careers…and the bad teachers we’ve had throughout our early learning experiences.
Think back to your own interactions with teachers. What personal qualities did they exhibit that made them good…or bad? What do you believe was their teaching philosophy? How about their communication style? Make a list of all these traits you associated with the good and the bad teachers you’ve had over the years. Then, consider if these traits are “high leverage” or “low leverage” traits. In other words, consider what influences a teacher’s impact on children more heavily- personal qualities, teaching philosophy, and/or communication style?
Click Qualities of the Good and the Bad to download the protocol you can use with your administration team.

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