Friday, November 1, 2013

Love and Care for Your Faculty

I was inspired by a story in the New York Times (September 19, 2013) about the Cleveland Indians baseball team’s new manager- Terry Francona. Turning the ball club around during the 2013 season, Francona has been praised for the hard work he’s put forth developing relationships with his players. In fact, the headline of the Times article reads, “Francona’s Approach Draws Raves in Cleveland.” Turns out, Francona finishes his game-day preparation early in the day and before his players arrive at the park so he can devote his time to bonding with them.

I’ll take my cues from this successful leader and dedicate my early morning and late night hours tending to paperwork so I can be available to my teachers and leadership team during the school day. I hope my school district’s faculty will say the same about me that Cleveland’s ball players have said about Terry Francona- “[Terry] has this unbelievable care and love for his players…[he] reconfirms to to me that you can have that relationship and be successful.”

My teachers, principals, and supervisors are the players responsible for driving my school system to “world class” status. I’ll give them my love and support so they have a strong emotional foundation on which to get there.

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