Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Communicating Swiftly and Surely is key to Staying on top of Problems

“We live in a media age of instant reaction and instant analysis" was a remark made by a political strategist when discussing President Obama's need to work social media and other communication tools swiftly in order to get ahead of damaging problems (at the time I write he is having to address issues regarding the Affordable Care Act website and NSA spying on foreign leaders). 

Educational leaders should take a cue- use tools like Honeywell's Instant Alert system and social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook to broadcast information instantaneously. A crisis calls for an immediate response in this age of the cell-phone. Leaders need to stay a step ahead of students and teachers during a lock-down or evacuation by controlling the message as soon as possible. I take to having all of my communication tools set up in one area of my cell phone and iPad with all passwords previously set so I can send out notes on the go in a flash. I rather be the person (as opposed to others "broadcasting" from the scene of the crisis) who dictates the information and response during a critical time.

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