Monday, February 3, 2014

Promulgate a Standard of What is Expected From Your Leaders

Lou Cannon's 1991 account of President Ronald Reagan (President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime) speaks much about the president's perceivable "hands-off" policy when he dealt with his appointees (members of cabinet, policy advisors, etc.). Cannon goes so far as to claim Reagan's lack of influence on the people he trusted to aid in his decision-making led to an ugly spate of allegations of their misconduct toward the end of his presidency.

I take away from Cannon's consideration of Reagan's flaw a lesson in leadership- leaders must establish standards by which they hold their subordinates accountable. I have an approach to leading schools I believe has worked effectively (only after having failed more times than I've succeeded in leading) and should expect my leadership team to follow suit. I'll do this by engaging the team in book studies that illustrate my expectations, feedback via evaluations of their performance, and consistent reminders to them about the way I expect them to lead. In these ways I will subtly but surely promulgate the standard of what I expect from those with whom I trust to help me make the important decisions.

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